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More Diddy Kong Racing music? It’s always time for Diddy Kong Racing music.

The theme from the Darkmoon Caverns track has long been my favorite piece from the game. Like most of the music from the game, it’s not a terribly complex composition, and since the N64 had more powerful sound hardware, the sound chip wizardry isn’t as impressive as it was in the SNES Donkey Kong Country games. For my money, though, DKR has all of the best melodies David Wise has ever written, all in one place. And this music is just fun as fuck to listen to. Cowbell? Yes please. Six-second banjo cameo in the intro? Hell yeah, throw that in.

Colin may have had an e-mail address referencing a character from Diddy Kong Racing, but only one of your Nullary Sources hosts had a GeoCities website with a page devoted to that character. (Hint: it wasn’t him.)