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Badger Digs Up Medieval Treasure in Germany

David Crossland, Spiegel Online:

A badger in Germany deserves a reward for making a significant archaeological discovery: the medieval tombs of two Slavic lords buried with an array of intriguing artefacts.

"We spotted a pelvic bone that had been dug up, it was clearly human," [Hendrikje] Ring told SPIEGEL ONLINE. "It wasn’t exactly surprising to us because a whole field of ancient graves had been found on the other side of the road in the 1960s. So we pushed a camera into the badger’s sett and took photos by remote control. We found pieces of jewellery, retrieved them and contacted the authorities."

Waiting for the inevitable DeviantArt post of Badger Indiana Jones.

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'Easy' parking spots for women introduced by German mayor

Matthew Day for the Telegraph:

Spaces in a new car park in the Black Forest town of Triberg now come with male and female symbols. The spaces for women are wider and well lit, while those for men are close to concrete pillars and can only be reversed into.

Explaining the policy, Mayor Gallus Strobel said it was a natural decision because men are better at parking than women.

… Mr Strobel, who denies accusations of sexism, also pointed out that 10 spaces were reserved for women as opposed to just two for men.

See, it’s funny because misogyny.

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Shitstorm 'best English gift to German language' in 2011

Germany’s The Local:

Germany needed Shitstorm, according to a group of language experts who elected the word as the top English contribution to the German language last year.

The jury said in a statement on Monday: “Shitstorm fills a gap in the German vocabulary that has become apparent through changes in the culture of public debate.”

The Anglicism of the Year contest, organised since 2010 by University of Hamburg linguist Anatol Stefanowitsch, is designed to recognise English’s contribution to German as the language evolves.

A fine choice.

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German right-wing extremists tricked by 'Trojan' T-shirts

Sarah Harman, writing for Deutsche Welle:

German skinheads who took home free T-shirts after a music festival on Saturday were in for a big surprise.

The shirts, which bore a skull and crossbones symbol and the word ‘Hardcore Rebels,’ faded upon washing to reveal a hidden message: “What happened to your shirt can happen to you. We can help you break with right-wing extremism.”

The T-shirts were the work of Exit Deutschland, a group that helps young people transition out of militant right-wing lifestyles.

I wonder if it worked. More coverage, and photos, here.