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Giant sequoia tree smoldering for more than a year

AP report:

An ancient giant sequoia has been smoldering for more than a year in Sequoia National Park, with the small fire even surviving a full Sierra Nevada winter, National Park Service officials said.

The fire started in June 2012 during a prescribed burn to eliminate brush and make the forest less prone to large wildfires, park officials said. An ember from that burn probably landed on the giant sequoia’s crown and started the fire.

I’ve been trying to come up with even a sentence of commentary for fifteen minutes, but I’ve only managed to think of bad tree jokes and bad fire jokes that I’m not going to subject anyone to. Sorry, wish me luck for tomorrow.

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Merry Christmas! I’ve sure you have much better things to do today than spend a few seconds on Tumblr, so thanks for spending a little bit of your time with us today! Or tomorrow, whenever it is you’re reading this.

Today I’d like to post my favorite Christmas video of all time, “Joe Pesci with His Head on Fire.”

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Recall: Sunscreen could burst into flames on skin

James O’Toole is the latest person keeping me awake at night. Writing for CNNMoney:

Energizer Holdings, the consumer goods conglomerate that produces Banana Boat products, announced Friday that certain of the brand’s sunscreen sprays may potentially burst into flames on users’ skin if they come in contact with a flame or spark before the spray is completely dry.

That’s right: sunscreen will now set you on fire. It’s seeming pretty prudent to be afraid of everything on the planet.

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Insurance companies send crews to protect homes

The AP:

Insurance companies began sending crews to wildfires around 2006, said Paul Broyles, former head of fire operations at the National Interagency Fire Center, which coordinates federal firefighting efforts from Boise, Idaho. Land use changes in the past two decades have allowed more homes to be built in or near wildfire-prone areas, prompting the insurance companies to offer such a service, said Michael Barry of the New York-based industry funded Insurance Information Institute.

“It’s an added layer of protection for our clients,” [Kevin Fuhriman of Chubb Personal Insurance] said. “From a business perspective? It’s an extremely advantageous business proposition.”

Completely privatized firefighting is an exceptionally terrible idea for a lot of reasons. But in addition to a public fire department? It kind of strikes me as fundamentally unfair that one should be more protected from having their life destroyed solely by dint of having more money, but not really in any way I can argue.

Maybe we could just stop cutting fire budgets in states.