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A Picture of Samuel Johnson Glaring

Colin: You heard it supposedly cost the NYT $40 million to develop their paywall right?

Colin: Nutso.

'Ili: I didn't follow through and actually read anything about it, but I heard that yeah.

'Ili: It was one of those “I'm simultaneously shocked and yet not shocked at all” things.

Colin: hahaha yeah, exactly.

Colin: There’s gotta be a word for that.

Colin: (If not, we shall create one.)

'Ili: We just need to get someone to translate it into German and then use that as a loanword.

'Ili: That's how language works.

Colin: Well.

Colin: Ich bin schockiert und gleichzeitig noch nicht schockiert überhaupt.

Colin: So, by the “German has no spaces” property.

Colin: Ichbinschockiertundgleichzeitignochnichtschockiertüberhaupt.

'Ili: I'm alerting the OED committee immediately to see if we can get an emergency addendum.

Colin: Their version of the bat signal just has the word “LOL” in it.

'Ili: Actually it's a picture of Samuel Johnson glaring.